Veterans Day 2012 “Some gave all”

Sweet Jesus ,please answer my prayer
Send us your grace,strength and love
This great country is under attack.
The tyrants no longer want God our father
Rather,they choose the prison of the Devil here
Our freedom, our God given rights are just a joke to some
Our U.S.A.- the shining star of the world is growing dark now- and will be dying for sometime to come.
My faith tells me that my fellow patriots will not run and will not hide.
For this dark takeover of our home and on this land, we cannot abide.
Send your grace, strength and love, for if I can’t live here in freedom, then I know I will have it with You- in your Kingdom that’s above.
Give us your strength to win the good fight to bring this country back- back to where Your love shines bright.
They think they have won,they think they have torn your Flock apart.
But Jesus, we are waking up- we will show them the love we have for You
The love that you sealed in our national heart.
To all who have fought or died for this country,I promise, we will not do you dishonor.
We will join our hands to forever lock them with the power that is in the hand of that man-
That man from Galilee.



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