It’s just another sunset
      To mark the end
       Of another day.
That’s what I used to think
       It’ what most other
       People say.

Some chase thier money
        In the A.M.
Some are chased for money
         In the P.M.
I use to seek money
          24 hours a day
It’s just the very
          American way.

You need money so
          You can consume.
Flip the coin
           One side is doom.

When there’s not enough
            You learn life is tough.
Down on your knees
             Learning to say “please”.

Lack of money burns
             Yet the world turns.
A brand new day
              Learning a new way.

You never really knew
               You’d make it through.
No bank accounts
                No debt that mounts.

Growing your own food
                 You find it tastes good.
You start to go fishing
                  But you keep on wishing
While making your own pottery
                   Lord, let me hit the
                             LOTTERY! ! !


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