This is a story about the big hi-lonesome.
Did you ever wonder – Whats this about?

It’s talked about  by cowboy poets
And sung about in old songs.
Old timers have all the answers,
A whole lifetime to find where
Your heart belongs.

I came to a west Texas county called Culberson, beautiful ranches and full of history.

Why, you can see clearly for 60 miles.
To me,hi – lonesome is still a mystery.

Settlin’ down on my 10 acre spread-
My only neighbors are cows, coyotes and snakes.

I was likin’ it that way and looking
Forward to the life that’s ahead.
Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, open spaces, blue cloudless skies,
With the wind always singing it’ s song.

No traffic, no noisy neighbors, being close to nature – this was it, all along.
Then it came, a huge mean massive storm.
It turned the sky into one black rainfilled cloud.

The thunder was deafening and the lightning cracked loud.
All at once you realize, you’re alone.

You have yourself and what’s between you and God.
You feel small, you feel scared- you start to pray.

Being this helpless, for you, is just odd.
Those mean clouds look so close – you know you can just reach out and touch them.

You reach up, you pray, and reach some more- you hear a peaceful, calm whisper in the wind, when….
You realize what you’ve just done and see- you have reached out and touched the hand of God! And that He has set your restless soul free!

So, hi- lonesome is a spiritual connection.
And the pure matter of the fact is,
With an open heart it can be found anywhere.

But, my friends, you can’t find any better hi- lonesome then the
Hi – lonesome you find in west Texas!


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