Your life has four seasons
in perfect rythmn like Mother Earth.

The sprintime of your life
you are growing.
Everything is new and green and strong.
When you’re young – there is no wrong,but you don’t hear the bird singing its song.

The summer of your life is
wonderful and grand.
You’ve got your independence
you’re making your stand.
Love is so sweet,with your family
life seems complete.

In the fall, you start to wonder
is this really who I am?
The soul starts to hunger and
you wish again to be younger.

Ahh,then comes the winter and you know your life on Earth
is growing short.
You’ve gained wisdom and truth if you had followed your heart.

To be as an angel, the time won’t
be long, but if I could do it all again,
I would listen to the bird and
it’s song.


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