Think about it, jusy for a minute,
while our souls are not the same
the commonnalities remain.

Since time began,all have hunted.
The coyote,the wolf and the dog searched
only for food but
man took always just
What he wanted.

The coyote runs with its’ pack
they will quickly snatch a calf,
and the Mama will wail!
It is consceince they lack,
If they were humans they
would all be in jail.

The wolf is independent and swift.
With a shake of its’ head
Its’ caught its’ prey.
Back to its’ lifelong companion
it brings the gift.
They have survived for yet
another day.

The dog we have made our servants,or
so this we think.
They are born with the knowledge,
the secret of life of
which we humans seek.
They understand unconditional love.for this reason
I say the soul of the dog
is given from far above.

Teachers they are if you open
your heart.
This lesson it seems,man cannot learn.
Just look at our world
we’ve torn it apart!

If we could have less of the criminal mind as
such the coyote has
our eyes would no
longer be blind.

If we could have the independence
and strength,such has the wolf,
without fear our ears
will finally hear.

If we had the loyalty, patience
and love such as the meekness
of the dog,our hearts would
Receive the
Peace from above!



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