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Growing up in Jersey was great back then!

You could yack to everyone and they all understood what you were freakin’saying! Not for nothin’ if you asked “What’s your exiit ?” They knew you meant “What’s your exit off the I-80 or any other interstate. No translation needed!

As I got older – the gypsy came out in me and I traveled west- to a whole ‘nother world ! ( The Twilight Zone- we called it )

My first stop was St. Louis,Mo. at a restaurant near the Arch. “Coffee regular.” I ordered. The waitress looked at me like I was a nut case. “We don’t have that!” she said. “Yeh!-you don’t have cream and sugar?-I know you have coffee,says so on the menu!” giving attitude, I piped back! “Oh!’ she said “And just where do you come from?” “Jersey!” I answered. She gave me a ‘well that explains that’ look.

And that was just the start of my adventure.The further I traveled- the more the words kept changing on me!

I learned you don’t ask for soda-it was ‘pop’ ! In California they really don’t know what the shore is – to them it’s the beach. Go figure! I found out pretty quick that L.A. wasn’t for me- they kept asking me where I came from! I didn’t know how to talk to those people. So, I chose Texas next!

I swear on my Mothers’ grave – I didn’t know what I was in for there either! I love Texas- I even bought a chunk of dirt there! Wide open spaces and friendly people! At first, I didn’t understand “How’s Y’all?” I thought they were asking about my YAWL. When I asked what a yawl was- they responded “Where Y’all from?”

I had to stop saying “Get outta town!” They took it literally-it just means -Wow,what a story! I had too much explaining to do! At a Bar-B-Q a lady and I were checking out all the guys there. She asked”How ’bout that one?”  “He’s a butter- face.” I said. “Now, just what is that?” she questioned. “Oh,that just means everything really looks good on him- BUT HIS FACE!” Her response was the usual “And where do you come from?”

Yankee girl is (lovingly) my nick-name!

Well,I went back to my little ranch and drank till I was 60/40 (almost drunk).I decided I best learn “Texican” and not for nothin’…I’m just sayin’…They stopped giving me that ‘where did you come from’ look and I don’t give them that ‘up yours’ look anymore either! Yep, they all think I was born in their neck o’ the woods!!!!

Now Y’all go figure!!!!   Just sayin’ !!!!


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