Mechanickan can cripple you and I am not a good Redneck…Yet!


(This is a repost- my favorite! I can’t get new photos to load today.??)

My learning experience starts with a flat tire June 30th. As I am leaving my little farm…”is that mud on my tires? ” I ask myself. I pull over…I look…looks  O.K.  The mysterious sound is still there!
“ is still rollin’ I will check it in Van Horn.”
I get my groceries and supplies…. go to the tire shop…sure as God Blessed Texas…I put a honkin’ hole in the sidewall of my inside dual… “what’s that you say?  No 16.5 tires? ” Not to worry…we will just put on the spare!!!! That’ what it’s there for!
All set…Homestead bound….almost home and KABOOOOOOM!!!
There she blows ka thump  ka thump  ka thump…5 miles an hour…will we ever see home before I meet my maker? ??!!! There at last, my driveway gate! !! Shear joy and the”yahoo’s” I am singin’  till I hear…..pssssshuuuuuut!!!! That spare finally gave up the ghost….I say….”Thank ya Jesus for seein’ us home !”…”now could ya please find a couple of 16.5 tires?”
The search is on!!!!
I asked everywhere ( I thought! ).Ya know..I found out these things are collectors items,rare antiques….worth thier weight in gold- mind you!
I did what any stubborn 60year old woman would do ……internet search! !! But, gotta be quick…very, very quick on Ebay..they are gone….you cannot hit the paypal buy it button fast enough …gone …gone…bye…won’t see ya later type of gone!
Gone for good.!!!!”
Well I am ponderin’…still ponderin’ …I decide! ! I will just take off one of the drivers side dualls and put it on the “flat side”.
What? ? My crappy bottle jack won’t raise my old Dodge Chinook motorhome up high enough to remove the wheels..!!!
Where did I last see my floorjack ?
Oh yeah …  Arizona! Where I stopped to help a sweet young couple standed with thier own flat tire! !!
I have a shovel and I know how to use it!  I will dig the dang tires out!!
Aaaa…oooohhhh I brake my wrench…those darn lug nuts!!!!
I call Van Horn Trax for a ride into town…Thanks be to God…Thanks be to Texas…Thanks be to  NAPA AUTO PARTS !!! They had my new lugnut wrench!..they had my new lugnuts! And…they had my worth thier weight in gold,rare and illusive 16.5 tires!
Life is good!!!
Well had em’ mounted,  take em’ back home …seems I need to dig a bigger hole to get the new and beautiful tires on my hub .. no problem… I have a shovel…and I know how to use it! !!!!!
Dig a little…dig some more…….dig some more..
The duals are on ..yeah!!!
Throw some dirt back in the hole….go to let the bottle jack down, but wait, what do I see….can’t let the jack down ’cause if I do…my axle will crash into the desert dirt because I dug the dang wheel hole too deep  !!!!!! And guess what….you can’t put enough dirt back into that hole to fill it…’cause the tires are there! !!
Lord have mercy!!!
I’ll borrow my neighbors floorjack! !!