Boondocking in Pima County, AZ.


               Top of Snyder Hill.


             Eastside of Snyder Hill








¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Saguaro-catchin’ Rays.

Corner of Ajo Way and San Joquoin.Rd.

14 day limit.
Can accomidate big rigs.
Grocery, gas and restaurants close.
Several nearby RV parks -Dump/fill.

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The Case of the Missing Callie-Cat Photo.


Wow…if you took a look at the Callie-cat post I did today…I apologise…
I have no idea where the photo went !!!Must have gotten stuck in the “cloud!”
I don’ t want to brag …but I spent alot of time on that photo¬†¬† and it turned out really,really nice! !!
So…if it shows up on your blog…just send it back…:-)

The photo above is of my boy “Thomas”


A Morning Walk.


On my morning walk.. we find.a wind twisted tree…natures sculpture!


A Beaver- tale cactus it has some new needles…


The Yuccas…usually the only green out here during the winter…!

Hurry springtime…!!!¬°!

I have some cute kitten photos here!

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“Bad habits are like comfortable beds-easy to get into, but¬† hard to get out of.”

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Saguaro cactus in Pima County,AZ.


Saguaros…these two are at least 100 years old.
They are alive and well in Pima County, AZ.
Yes…the sky is that blue out there when the wind behaves itself..:-)…

Some more photos.

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“Memories feed the soul
¬†¬†¬†¬† Photos back it up!”

1976 Dodge Sportsman/Chinook Motorhome will soon hit a milestone……100,000 miles!!! Yeh…Baby!!!


As the odometer turns!!!! I expect¬† Ally-Oop ( my Dodge M/H) to hit 100,000 miles this March…When we travel up and around the Texas panhandle!
I inherited this Dodge 13 years ago from my adopted Dad…he was a WW2 veteran…a POW..and how he loved Dodges!!!
He lived in this motorhome for several years….it holds a lot of precious memories for me…the good and the sad.
We lived in Las Vegas, NV. back then.Camped all around Lake Meade…fun days.!
I also spent many a night trying to care and comfort him when the “night terrors ” would visit him…All his buddies (who were killed in combat so long ago) ..would come and visit with about the War …he would cry and scream when nightmares of the prison camp and the torture that he and the other young soldiers endured¬† would come creeping back to his memory…..

Ally- Oop is precious to me for many reasons!

It has never once left me stranded…when it brokedown – which is rare – it did it at home!
It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned..and you bet that when those numbers roll over…I am gonna smile and brag and brag and brag some more! !!!

They just don’ t make ‘ em like that anymore – I’ talkin’ about WW 2 Veterans¬† and old Dodges….God Bless ’em!