I was a Stringer!


Gotcha ! I really was a” stringer”…that is what they used to call a freelance photojournalist!

The Minolta above was my first professional outfit…I still use it today for my B&W shots.
That camera is from the 1970’s!
and still functional….the shutter works even when the batteries go dead. The light meter does not….but, back then, we were taught to “read” the light”…apeture/shutter speeds…became second nature…
Oh boy…I could tell you some stories about being a woman photographer..back in the 70’s…

However, I can’t ..and still keep a PG rating on my blog!  :-D! !!!


My trusted Nikon..I use this along with my digital Olympus- that I love!
Olympus is my choice line of Cameras..they are rugged and reliable..and the optics and programs are the best…my humble opinion…O K  …sorry I got sidetracked a little!
Digital B&W..while getting better and better still in no way compares with film!  I will put identical photographs side by side..1 digital and the other – film.
At shows that I sell at, people will look and look- from one to the other…they don’t know why..but they are drawn to the B&W that was shot with film. They buy that one most of the time.

Some more vintage cameras for you.


You can buy this classic.


Nikon 35 mm rangefinder….point and shoot!

Go here if ya want it.


Hanimex 110 !!! This little guy is so cute!  Takes “flasbcubes!”

Give this little guy a home!



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