7 Free Tips to Better B&W Film Photography Tip #1.




           Old school- film …….

Digital is a great tool for most who want to break into the professional photo biz.
However,recently there has been interest in B&W film photography. I have been asked “How do you do it?” by many readers..so here goes “7 Tips to Better B&W Film Photography”

For those unfamiliar with my blog..let me tell you a little about myself. I got the “Handle” (nickname) of Shutterbug’Babe’ from one of my editors at a weekly newspaper in New Jersey- Doug Wilhelm is his name – by the way Doug if you are reading this contact me!
Well, that was cool,but,the older I got- the less I felt like a ‘babe’ so,I took my middle name ‘Shea’ …Ta-Daa- Shutterbugshea is now my business handle!

I am assuming you know about digital photography and have tried digital B&W (not happy) and maybe a little film B&W (not happy).

I’m not going into all the technological mumbo- jumbo. I learned from the best old school photojournalists – I’ll tell you what they taught me!

Deal?…OK…you got it.

I’ve narrowed it down to “7 Free Tips to Better B&W Film Photography”

Your job is to have fun with it ..learn and practice! Shoot all you can!…Everyday!- it’s a beautiful art!

I hope you will have – or now have some of your own darkroom equipment – if not you will be cheating yourself. I can’t describe the feeling I had when my first print came to life in the developing tray!
Magic!! is the word I think of.

If you don’t have a darkroom, shop around for a Pro lab,many develop  both color and B&W film. Since I do my own developing and printing I am hesitant to recomend.
Find one that suits your tastes and style.( My Photo- Head Pals like Richard’s Lab in CA.)

The qaulity of your final print does not come down to having the most expensive equipment!
It ‘s about exposure and your creative eye!

1) You have to calibrate…every camera and enlarger have thier own unique quirks – you need to do your own film speed tests. ASA 400 means one thing to you – your camera may not see it that way!

2) Your enlarger and chemicals need testing- find your ‘normal developing time’.

3) Do a proof to find your proper enlarger exposure times.

Most photographers think they goofed-up when they made the shot with thier camera,when really, the problem is in the printing side of thier work- in the darkroom- they messed – up on negative exposure and in the developing.

Heck, most negatives coming out of the camera can be made into saleable prints!

And- you guessed it…that is Tip # 1….

Practice,practice,practice…that is the secret!

Remember….everybody “messes up!”

Next…more about light meters and how they mess you up!

“Memories feed the soul-
   Photos back it up!”

Some more of my photos.

Cameras and cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping!
Thanks for shopping!


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