7 Free Tips to Better B&W Film Photography. Tip#7.


Tip#7- Go ahead….Make your Print.

•Pick out your best negative
•Do test strips as before..(Tips#2-6).
Find the strip with good density and good contrast- you’ll spot it- that’s the one you want!
•Now- you can refine and play with the print…burn in and dodge wherever your eye thinks it is needed!
•Make as many prints as you want…you will have fun comparing them – and then’THE ONE’ jumps out at you!
•You got it- a beautiful print!

This is another free tip- On enlargers you have a condenser head and others have a cold light head. I use the cold light head,the illumination is far better than on the condenser head – put it this way- Cold light head=Sirius Radio sound quality.
         Condenser head=AM Radio sound quality.

So there ya’ go! I’ll be sending you some more tips from time to time! I hope this helped and you enjoyed it!

Best of Luck!

Any questions or comments are welcomed.
Love to hear from you!

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