Gone Fishin’


Gone fishin’ at Jal City Park, New Mexico. While I was photographing a car show on a Memorial Day weekend..I spotted this lovely scene. The gentleman pictured had his wheelchair decorated with American Flags.A veteran enjoying the day! When I returned to speak with him …he was nowhere to be found… This photo has always haunted me..the stories he could have told me! I am making a trip back to Jal this spring…I need to know this wonderful man..

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The Tangled View.


Sometimes our memories or our view of the world or of people in our lives can get all tangled up in a big mess…kinda like my photograph above. A person can just stand there in the same spot and always have the same view…..or …..chop down that tree…or simply give a little and move themselves over to one side of the tree…or the other.But, maybe, one could step back ..far enough to get a good clear look at the tree and all the surroundings and the beauty that nature has blessed us with… S’more photos :-)). Thanks for stopping! This post in Memory of Francis Johnson, my step- dad. March 12 1932 /March 23 2014. RIP

The Lava Lizard.


Lava Lizard resides at The Valley of Fire, BLM Campground in New Mexico. It is a woderous sight to see what a volcano and molten lava can create! The campgound is easily accesable to all sizes of RV’s and there is a seperate section for tenters. Ramadas with water/ electricity, a dump station, water, hot showers and a great visitors center awaits you!

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