Chispa Rd.-The Road Where Time Stands Still.


             Old Corrals and Fencing.

Chispa Road is an ancient road once only used by the Natives and traveled on by foot or by horse.
Now cars and motorcycles can travel from FM 2017 on Chispa The Rio Grande River…some 35 miles southwest of Valentine,Texas.


           On an old ranch – not sure   
               what it is.

The Road takes you to where time stands still. The mountains,the red and pink canyons, the dry river beds and the abandoned railroad tracks take you back  to another century….the wake up call to the present is the never ending line of electrical poles..they spoil the view…kinda like acne on a cute teenagers face…there is just no way to ignore it!


Old dreams and old homes are every where …scattered and decaying…not unlike many of our cities are doing today.


I think that is a chute for the ranch animals….it is a tight area…room for only one at a time.

Should you venture down Chispa Rd….4 wheel drive is recommended,bring plenty of gas and water…and be prepared to speak to Border Patrol Agents…they are a great group of people here in Texas and they are doing an excellent job.


This is a narrow section of the Rio Grande…it gets much wider..and Grander as you get closer to The Big Bend…..:-)

More photos…..:-)

Thanks for stopping!


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