Smitty the Smoocher -Part 3

This is the day I fought the bee and the bee bit me back !!!20171212_1434281661720998.jpg


Smitty the Smoocher -Part 2.

To save our house from massive destruction Mom decides to make me her hiking pal in training!! It is fun to explore all those trails out there in the Saguaro National Forest !!

I learned to stay far away from those things Mom calls ‘CA-Ca-tusses!’ We go way far and by the time we get home I want a cookie and a nap !!

See Ya Later!!20171019_083303_burst02-2016492876.jpg20171019_083240_burst02-1505443634.jpg

Smitty the Smoocher

Smitty’s story starts here..his Gotcha day !! First day at his new forever home and first bath!! that went very well as you can tell!! He is 10 weeks old here. My sweet loveable Pittypup!!

A week later Smitty conquers the gi-normous couch !!

(Part 2-Coming soon!)