Photography Firsts.


Oldest surviving camera print B: Nicephore Niepce. 1826


First Double color photo By:James Clark Maxwell, 1861


First color print on paper, 1877.By: Louis


First photo with a person in it. Boulevard du Temple.By: Daguerre 1838


The first high speed photography animated image sequences photographed in real time .1878-1887. By: Eadweard Muybridge,Waugsberg.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
First photo scanned to a digital computer. By: Russell A. Kirsch. ( father of youngster) 30 years later in 1993, the younger Mr. Kirsch was scanned nightly on KGW-TV channel 8 in Portland, Oregon.

Other Notable Firsts:

1900- Kodaks 1st. Brownie Box Camera

1901- Kodak 120 film format.

1909- Kodak announces 35mm Safety Film for motion pictures.

1912- Vest Pocket ,Kodak, uses 127 film.

1914- 1st.feature film in color-“The World,The Flesh and The Devil”

1923- Harold Edgarton invents the Xenon Flash for strobe photography.

1925- Lieca introduces 35mm format to still photography.

1935- 1st. 135mm film cartridge introduced.

1948- The Hasselblad camera.

1948- Edwin H. Land = 1st. Polaroid instant camera.

1957- 1st. Asahi Pentex SLR.

1959- 1st. Nikon F.

1992- 1st. photo CD.

1995- Kodak DC40 and Apple Quicktake 100 – first digital consumer cameras.

2000- J-SH04 by Jphone -1st. mobile phone with a camera to take and share photos.

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