I love my walks with my fuzzy butted pups!!
We find the darnedest things !!
This plant may look like it’simage

from Mars but, it grows right here in Arizona!
It is an Aloe Vera blooming in a twistie strange way…perhaps because it is under a low tree branch!!??
I am sure the flower will be an electric red…just like a “normal” Aloe Vera :
Let ya know…….

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The wind is wild in Texas.It can reshape and guide the growth of just about any thing that lives out here!


                      Poor Bug

If you look closely…you ‘ll find the little bugger.


I call that a “Desert Bonsai”


Old wood…left from a tree that didn’t survive the drought.


The photo is of roots…very old roots!  Kinda’ pretty.


And then there are the “man made twisters” !  I think that can is from the ’70 s  …when did they stop making the pull tab?

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Mesquite Tree.
This tree grows all around The Big Bend area of Texas. It is quite lovely with its fern like green leaves and those beautiful ripe red seed pods.
The Native Americans made flour and jelly as well as a medicinal plant…it is a wonderful and usefull tree…ever heard of mesquite charcoal?          :-).

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