Photography and……Folklore?


I was very bored one day last week,so,started Google-ing about photography – photography and folklore popped up…hummmm!

Never put the two of them together!
However,it is interesting and I thought other photographers will get a kick out of this too!

(1) Photographic film as well as mirrors can steal a soul- both have silver coatings on them! …What??? Photos must be ripped to pieces to free the soul…not sure what you do to the mirror.

(2)People are about to die – if they are in a color photo- but,they appear B&W!   Now that is scary!

(3)Photos are used in Voo-doo,Hoodoo, place spells or curses on the person in the photo.
You must bless the corners of the photo used to exorcise the spell or curse…many people use Native Sage for this.

(4)When using a new roll of film, always make the first shot of an inanimate object- not of people,it will bring them bad luck.



Aw..oh!….No,this is a Halloween prank decoration…scared the crap-ola out of me when I found it.Some silly goof’ s strange sense of humor!


(5)A psychic or intuitive person can use a photo as a window to someone’s soul to discern info. about that person.

(6) Film as well as digital can trap a soul.

(7) The famous Crazy Horse would not allow himself to be photographed- many Native American tribes refused to be photographed as well.

There is very much more about photos+folklore.
To see more Google it…have fun.

These two were interesting:
“Photography an psychic mystery”

“Photographs and Ghosts”

Let’s just keep this among us  photographers though…if word gets out…we might have a bunch of portrait sittings cancel on us….just kidding   :-)).

Thank you!!

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