Favorite Photo and Places- 2013.

The last photo taken in 2013 !

Love those Rainbows!

Yep!  Another..:-)

“Howdy!” From “Chops”

The Tanque Verde Swapmeet in Tucson. AZ. last February.

Saguaro catching rays.
Snyder Hill BlM Tucson,AZ.area.

Storm is a Brewin’.
Van Horn Tx.

I had a wierd facsination about shoes…why did you only find one out there along desert trails! !??

Did people “hop outta there on one foot?”

My cat Callie  ….thinks I have lost it!

A flip-flop…?There are more shoe pix…but, you get my meaning :-)).

Cactus Flower. Pima County,AZ.

Mushrooms..Ink Top..
These really scared me !!!! I did not know what they were….

If you touch them ..they turn into black liquid…they dissolve…!

They only live for about 24 hours.


All have unique patterns.

This one looks like an Angel.

These grow in the spring at Sheananigansfarm….my 10 acre private campsite !!!

Yellow Cactus Flower.

HAWK. Hudspeth County,Tx.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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