Think about it, jusy for a minute,
while our souls are not the same
the commonnalities remain.

Since time began,all have hunted.
The coyote,the wolf and the dog searched
only for food but
man took always just
What he wanted.

The coyote runs with its’ pack
they will quickly snatch a calf,
and the Mama will wail!
It is consceince they lack,
If they were humans they
would all be in jail.

The wolf is independent and swift.
With a shake of its’ head
Its’ caught its’ prey.
Back to its’ lifelong companion
it brings the gift.
They have survived for yet
another day.

The dog we have made our servants,or
so this we think.
They are born with the knowledge,
the secret of life of
which we humans seek.
They understand unconditional love.for this reason
I say the soul of the dog
is given from far above.

Teachers they are if you open
your heart.
This lesson it seems,man cannot learn.
Just look at our world
we’ve torn it apart!

If we could have less of the criminal mind as
such the coyote has
our eyes would no
longer be blind.

If we could have the independence
and strength,such has the wolf,
without fear our ears
will finally hear.

If we had the loyalty, patience
and love such as the meekness
of the dog,our hearts would
Receive the
Peace from above!




I hate the junk-the junk that’s
made in China!
Before it’s time- it’s thrown
in the trash!
It’s cheaply made and overpriced.

No longer will I buy it!

I’m keeping my cash!

Listen up all you stores-
I’m not buying it anymore!

I’ll shop the thrift stores,the
swapmeet,the yard sale –
for that stamp that says –


The Lady.

In your life,
you meet so many
You love them
or you think they’re
Some folks are happy
go lucky travelin’
Where they come from
and where they go.nobody
Others stay close
to your heart,even though you are
A best friend
there throughout your
through the good
and through all the
Where do these
loving souls come
God made them each and every
We call them

The thief and the architect

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe thief is quick to mischief
without giving much to thought
and will continue to run
until being caught.

The architect is meticulous,
careful measurments
are never wrong.

Now I must confess
I am a friend to the thief
and a friend to the architect.
I am with them everyday
and get no relief.

They are always arguing
who is the one that’s right
who is the one that’s wrong?
sometimes I join in on the fight.

Day after day, night after night
they continue thier struggle.
I’m always there
right in the middle.
the thief takes the easy way
while the architect ,
is always right.


Your life has four seasons
in perfect rythmn like Mother Earth.

The sprintime of your life
you are growing.
Everything is new and green and strong.
When you’re young – there is no wrong,but you don’t hear the bird singing its song.

The summer of your life is
wonderful and grand.
You’ve got your independence
you’re making your stand.
Love is so sweet,with your family
life seems complete.

In the fall, you start to wonder
is this really who I am?
The soul starts to hunger and
you wish again to be younger.

Ahh,then comes the winter and you know your life on Earth
is growing short.
You’ve gained wisdom and truth if you had followed your heart.

To be as an angel, the time won’t
be long, but if I could do it all again,
I would listen to the bird and
it’s song.

The Stranger.

There is a stranger here
that walks the Earth.
One,it seems who has paid
such a high cost,
Lonely and confused,believing
the Soul has been lost.

The ways of the world to the
stranger are cruel and cold
and feeling so small, too
timid to be bold.

Struggling to walk against
the winds of life
looking for the breeze that
blows away all strife.

Wanting to find a friend,when
will the search come to an end?
While being so alone the
pain cuts to the bone.

Looking up towards the sky,seeking
the end of the rainbows..
and wiping a tear from
each eye,

The stranger sees the Truth in
the bright white light
that glows.

Me Too.

I heard it in my heart-
Can you love Me Too?
She was speaking with her eyes.
The kind of eyes that can’t
Tell lies.

Homeless and alone,a skinny sack
Of fur and bone
So scared and so desperate
She once had a home
Was someone’s loving pet.

She came to me and picked
Me out of the crowd.
Her soul called to mine.
I heard her clear and loud.

So,I fed her and took her home.
A match made in Heaven.
She blessed me with her pups
All counted there are seven!

Best Friends.

There is someone else
Within my mind
Within my flesh

Very familiar to me
Hidden in memories by
Shadows of the past.

Someone that knows me
And knows me well
A lifelong friend.

When I get lost
On that long
Lonely dark road,

A spark of mischief
Will come alive
A giggle comes from inside

And that little girl that
I still am
Has no where to hide.