Sometimes the Past says”Hi There!”

Saguaro National Park AZ.


Desert dwellers know that the sand and the cactus and the mountains with mesquite trees growing right out of the rocks hides secret places!
Follow an old overgrown trail,they twist and turn,up a hill, down to a wash and up the hill again.They really are cow paths from long ago!I imagine the cowboy with the brim of his hat wet with sweat out there looking for those wandering “doggies”.
Out there where the silence is your hiking pal all kinds of things can be found!
I love this old stone house!It stands there silent but has so much to tell!



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Hiking along the Schoolhouse Trail.


This old stonehouse is about 1/2 way along the easy but rocky trail.
The Stonehouse Trail is in the Saguaro National Park in a section that is not often used.
Trailheads are located off of Ajo Way before the Mission Road Tucson,AZ.

At the end of the trail you will find this old foundation...

At the end of the trail you will find this old foundation…

The Century Plant


The Century Plant.
Here it is just growing it’s stalk.The blooms will be several feet higher at the very top once the stalk reaches full height..kinda like umbrella shapes.
It only blooms once every hundred years or so…once it blooms….it dies.
I will be back to show you pix of all its’ glory!!

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Me and My Shadow


Me and my shadow, the little shadow is my fuzz baby “Seven”.
He is a 3 year old Wheaton Soft Coated Terrier…a very happy boy!
He loves to make shadows on our hikes…sometimes he barks at them and tries to run away from them and has an outright dog fight with them !!!
I always tell him,”Good boy,You kicked their butts again!””
Shhh!…He thinks he is Mr Mighty-Mighty !!

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Vest Pocket Kodak – Sycamore Gap

Simon Howlett Photography


Sycamore Gap, Hadrian’s Wall shot with a vintage (1914) Vest Pocket Kodak loaded with Efke 100 film. Will be taking two Vest Pocket Kodaks out to France/Belgium this year to photograph the Somme, Ypres and Arras landscape. Hope to visit Paris as well and photograph the city at night with a digital SLR.

I’m very pleased with the photos this camera has produced, especially considering it has just turned 101! Film was developed with Rodinal 1+25, 6 minutes. Negatives scanned and then processed in Lightroom.


Vest Pocket Kodak.


© Simon Howlett 2015. All rights reserved

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Fog …in Tucson.


Heavy fog covered this wash near BLM land off of Bop Road !
When I woke up in the morning…I thought it had snowed over night…cup of coffee later..duh..what the what !??


See the dew on the branches!

image was so quiet…kinda spooky too…


Desert has magic!!

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