The First Female Photographer ?




Anna Atkins (Children) Albumen print – 1861. Born in Kent,England -March 16,1799 – June 9,1871. Anna was a botanist and photographer ,she married John Atkins in 1825 and was elected to the London Botanical Society in 1839. Anna Atkins was known to use a camera in 1841.

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Others claim that Constance Talbot -1811-1880 is the first female photographer. Constance married William Henry Fox Talbot in 1832, he was a key figure in the early development of photography. No camera based photos survived by either woman, so the issue will likely never be resolved.


Constance Talbot-the only photograph known of her.

Cyanotypes by Anna Atkins.

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Photography Firsts.


Oldest surviving camera print B: Nicephore Niepce. 1826


First Double color photo By:James Clark Maxwell, 1861


First color print on paper, 1877.By: Louis


First photo with a person in it. Boulevard du Temple.By: Daguerre 1838


The first high speed photography animated image sequences photographed in real time .1878-1887. By: Eadweard Muybridge,Waugsberg.

National Institute of Standards and Technology
First photo scanned to a digital computer. By: Russell A. Kirsch. ( father of youngster) 30 years later in 1993, the younger Mr. Kirsch was scanned nightly on KGW-TV channel 8 in Portland, Oregon.

Other Notable Firsts:

1900- Kodaks 1st. Brownie Box Camera

1901- Kodak 120 film format.

1909- Kodak announces 35mm Safety Film for motion pictures.

1912- Vest Pocket ,Kodak, uses 127 film.

1914- 1st.feature film in color-“The World,The Flesh and The Devil”

1923- Harold Edgarton invents the Xenon Flash for strobe photography.

1925- Lieca introduces 35mm format to still photography.

1935- 1st. 135mm film cartridge introduced.

1948- The Hasselblad camera.

1948- Edwin H. Land = 1st. Polaroid instant camera.

1957- 1st. Asahi Pentex SLR.

1959- 1st. Nikon F.

1992- 1st. photo CD.

1995- Kodak DC40 and Apple Quicktake 100 – first digital consumer cameras.

2000- J-SH04 by Jphone -1st. mobile phone with a camera to take and share photos.

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Smitty the Smoocher -Part 2.

To save our house from massive destruction Mom decides to make me her hiking pal in training!! It is fun to explore all those trails out there in the Saguaro National Forest !!

I learned to stay far away from those things Mom calls ‘CA-Ca-tusses!’ We go way far and by the time we get home I want a cookie and a nap !!

See Ya Later!!20171019_083303_burst02-2016492876.jpg20171019_083240_burst02-1505443634.jpg


  • Sometimes you just can’t forget..the people,the special places .! They capture your heart and claim a part that lives forever in memory.
  • I came upon these images today while editing my website and WOW !!! Those days came flooding back to me!
  • from ZTE 016This is Lobo,Texas on my little ranch. I love that placed and I needed that place.I needed the solitude and the beauty of the quiet desert. Oh,I heard the voices of nature out there! I heard the lonely cry of the coyotes in the evenings and the rustle of the mesquite. I listened to the music of the wind winding it’s way through the Van Horn Mountains……and it healed my soul ! I was lost and wounded when I moved to this place.
  • I lost someone so dear to me that I no longer saw the beauty in this life! My 36 year old brother died horribly and even though it was several years ago it dug into my soul like a sharp dark knife…and it kept digging deeper and deeper until I became numb to the pain and numb to life!
  • Being alone out there in that big sky country you get the feeling that you can reach right up and touch those clouds floating by and at night you could steal a star or two,maybe even the moon —it is right there for you!!
  • I watched the birds and the range horses,the cattle and even the strange little bugs  — they seemed happy and content with thier lot in life!!!

They don’t worry-they carry on no matter what kind of challenge is thrown at them!

  • I borrowed thier courage!! And I learned from them.
  • I found my connection again -nature heals because we are all one with her!!
  • That was 4 years ago. I moved to Tucson,Arizona near my son Mike and now celebrating Christmas with the family is the joy in my life!!!
  • Merry Christmas to All !!!
  • from ZTE 015from ZTE 017